Last Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, was filled with the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit in our worship services. We were reminded that Jesus chose us out of the world to belong to Him so that we might be sent back to live by the Spirit, testifying to His love and grace in the world. Indeed, we give praise to the Lord for His magnificent grace in touching lives and turning hearts back to Him.

As the Spirit came upon us and moved freely in our hearts, many responded to the occasion for healing prayer towards the end of the services. One by one, and in some cases, couples and families, received anointing oil and prayer. Invariably, tears flowed. Hearts were opened to the Spirit. Lives were touched by the Spirit. What a joy to witness the hunger and yearning for the Holy Spirit. A profound sense of hush and reverence came over the congregation. We are simply grateful for the outpouring of God’s Spirit during this season. Praise the Lord for what He is doing in our community.

I believe the Spirit will continue to draw people closer to Jesus. I am confident the Lord Jesus will deliver individuals from mediocre faith and lukewarm hearts. I am praying for a deeper work of the Spirit in our lives so that we will experience freedom from fear and despair. I am trusting the Lord to move us from passive indifference to passionate investment in the work of the Gospel. I am anticipating a season of renewal, restoration and reconciliation. I am inviting you to partner with WVBC in prayer and service, leveraging our gifts and resources for the sake of God’s Kingdom. I am calling you to stand up for Jesus and to subvert the world’s influence with the truth and love of Jesus. I am challenging each person to reach out to one another with compassion and hospitality.

As we respond to the Spirit’s movement, I believe we are empowered to make a difference in our community. Where there is despair, let us give hope. Where there is fear, let us raise faith. Where there is hurt, let us show mercy. Where there is loneliness, let us offer friendship.  Where there is sickness, let us pray for healing. Where there is confusion, let us speak truth. Where there is sadness, let us share the joy of Jesus. Where there is a need, let us give generously.